Concepts Featured Again

Hence proves i am not the only Blackberry 10 fan guy left.
so here goes again my concepts featured and appreciated by another incredible person on his website.

Thank you Brad once again….

Viva Blackberry…….


I have been amused reading the IM war between fans of WhatsApp and die-hard BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) users. I have used both extensively and have my own preference. I have operated BBM on phones that run both Android , IOS and Windows OS, so as to speak not be left out of the BBM craze.

BBM Delivery & Read Statuses

BBM tells me when my message has been read, and does it with accuracy. WhatsApp only tells me when it has been delivered. Some will say that I can check when last the contact was online to determine when my message has been read. I disagree. One: someone may be online, yet has not read my delivered message for any number of reasons. Second: that time stamp is often way off and so unreliable. Just a few days ago, I was chatting with someone at 1.50pm, yet the WhatsApp time stamp read “Last seen today at 7.16a”. I have seen that happen too many times.


While I love the fact that WhatsApp is universal because it works based on your phone number, eventually, I found out that I much prefer the ability to determine who connects with me at all in the first place. The ability to choose is priceless. I am a public figure and my phone number often gets around. That means a huge amount of contacts on WhatsApp, though I’d love to keep my experience there a little tighter. With BlackBerry, I get to determine who I connect with.


On WhatsApp, if someone adds you to a Group, your phone number is automatically accessible to everyone who is a part of that group, whether you want that or not. I have also seen people in my WhatsApp contact that I do not know from anywhere. Perhaps we had belonged to a Group or something. I can’t fully explain it, but it happens. When I try to find out who they are (nicely of course), they don’t know me either – and sometimes, their responses tell me that they suspect that I am attempting to pull a fast one. Usually, I ask if they’d love for me to delete their number. The whole thing is such a chore.

On BBM, no-one knows when I am online, and a message sent to me gets read by me when I have the time to attend to it and to reply. Usually, when a contact gets notified that I have read their message, my reply is on the way. It is just a saner way to live.