Outdoor Sales Tips



The Basics & fundamentals of selling never change. You add value with every interaction; tailor your product’s benefits to their situation, pin points and opportunities; adapt your sales strategy to their buying process; qualify them properly; establish urgency; and so on.

There are a few unique aspects of outdoor sales that representatives should be aware of.

  • Be extremely diligent about logging your notes and activity in your CRM. This is tough when you’re always on-the-go — but if you try to keep everything in your head, rather than in the system, you’ll forget relevant details and let tasks go unprocessed.
  • Replace face-to-face meetings with virtual ones when you can. If you’re taking a risk on a buyer, suggest speaking over Skype or Zoom before you invest precious time and resources into flying to meet them. You’ll find many prospects would rather have an online meeting, anyway. Once you’ve qualified a buyer and are ready to move the sales conversation forward, schedule an in-person appointment.
  • Proactively get help from your Sales manager / Account manager/ line manager. Because you’re rarely — if ever — in the same place, spontaneous coaching opportunities are a lot harder to come by. You’ll need to take the initiative. Your manager can make a huge positive impact on your career: Not only can she or he give you tips and share best practices, she or he can also influence your results via territory and lead assignments. Rather than waiting for her or him to set up a check-in or ask how you’re doing, take control. Schedule a call and pipeline review yourself, and go to her or him when you’re facing a significant obstacle. Every customer cannot be approached the same way as pertained.
  • Pay attention to your in-person impression. In field sales, appearances matter. Are you consistently on-time, polite (to everyone in the office, not just the decision makers), and appropriately dressed? Different offices have different dress codes, so look at the company’s website to figure out how formal your outfit should be. You can also ask the office manager for help — call or email them and say, “I’m visiting a particular client on a specified date and was wondering what the general dress code should be”
  • Use technology to optimize your route. If you’re visiting more than one company in a trip, consider using a route planning app. This tool will let you minimize driving or flying distance, prioritize your prospects, and manage your appointments.

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