PPC Pay Per Click


Pay per click, just like the name says, is a paid service. You have to pay each time somebody clicks on the ad. That can be great because you only pay when somebody clicks. You don’t pay to have your ad show up, but it definitely is a paid service. There is a cost to it. The next difference is that search engine optimization is slow to change. You can do a lot of work, maybe publish content, build links, but your site may not see a significant jump in the search engines right away. Whereas, with pay per click, if we set up a campaign and as soon as it’s approved by Google, which sometimes can be as quick as a couple minutes or a few hours, we can start running that immediately.
If we want to push out a new product, a new service, if we want to bring some more clients into the business, we can get pay per click up and running almost immediately and start seeing the results from that campaign.
The next thing is what kind of influence is the performance of each of these different products? Search engine optimization, the big three things that I see as influencing how your site ranks are structure. How well is your code written on your website? Is it laid out in a search engine friendly fashion? Can the robots crawl your site? All the technical aspects of it. Is that really sound? The next thing is content. Do you have valuable content that the visitors coming to your site are going to find valuable? The more that the visitors find your content valuable, the more Google’s going to rank your site higher in the search engines.
The last thing is links. The more people that link to your site, the more authoritative Google sees you and, again, the better you’re going to rank. All of these things don’t matter at all for pay per click advertising. The three main things that Google looks at as where to share your ad in the search results are the ad’s click through rate. If you have a higher click through rate, it’s going to be more likely to show up. How good is the landing page that the ad takes you to? How well does it match the searcher’s intent? How well does it match the ad? Does it have all of the best practices in place? How much are you paying? These two things matter a lot, but if you’re not paying enough, you’re not going to show up. The bid amount is also important.

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