I have been amused reading the IM war between fans of WhatsApp and die-hard BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) users. I have used both extensively and have my own preference. I have operated BBM on phones that run both Android , IOS and Windows OS, so as to speak not be left out of the BBM craze.

BBM Delivery & Read Statuses

BBM tells me when my message has been read, and does it with accuracy. WhatsApp only tells me when it has been delivered. Some will say that I can check when last the contact was online to determine when my message has been read. I disagree. One: someone may be online, yet has not read my delivered message for any number of reasons. Second: that time stamp is often way off and so unreliable. Just a few days ago, I was chatting with someone at 1.50pm, yet the WhatsApp time stamp read “Last seen today at 7.16a”. I have seen that happen too many times.


While I love the fact that WhatsApp is universal because it works based on your phone number, eventually, I found out that I much prefer the ability to determine who connects with me at all in the first place. The ability to choose is priceless. I am a public figure and my phone number often gets around. That means a huge amount of contacts on WhatsApp, though I’d love to keep my experience there a little tighter. With BlackBerry, I get to determine who I connect with.


On WhatsApp, if someone adds you to a Group, your phone number is automatically accessible to everyone who is a part of that group, whether you want that or not. I have also seen people in my WhatsApp contact that I do not know from anywhere. Perhaps we had belonged to a Group or something. I can’t fully explain it, but it happens. When I try to find out who they are (nicely of course), they don’t know me either – and sometimes, their responses tell me that they suspect that I am attempting to pull a fast one. Usually, I ask if they’d love for me to delete their number. The whole thing is such a chore.

On BBM, no-one knows when I am online, and a message sent to me gets read by me when I have the time to attend to it and to reply. Usually, when a contact gets notified that I have read their message, my reply is on the way. It is just a saner way to live.


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