This is one of the most frustrating aspects for an internal or external Recruiter who is facilitating the “Candidacy Process” and yet is not on the verge of understanding the basis of it.
If a candidates non-stability within a firm is in bothersome with an assurance of accepting him/her as a possible candidate, why the heck wait till phase 2 of the interview to tell that to his or her face after a long wait of 30 days almost.😡

Why couldn’t this problem be addressed within the first interview, so the candidate doesn’t waste his time and start looking up other opportunities.

Prolonged or unnecessary process delays are Hectic. We have now entered a zone where our chances of an offer acceptance have started to decrease and we are on slippery slope to achieve hiring success.

Secondly some vacant Ads are horribly placed by recruiters on social sites, the job requirement description says one thing, and during the interview it appears to be another. Encouraged to consider a “great opportunity” then nothing happens. We share a resume, complete an online application, take assessment tests, and interviews, only to be told that the recruiter “will be in touch if something comes up.”we feel manipulated”.

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